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San Diego annulment issues are not as common as many other legal issues concerning family law such as military divorce, filing divorce, child custody, or even child support. If a couple is requesting an annulment, there are some qualifying circumstances that must apply if a couple has decided to void their marriage via annulment in San Diego. There are really two automatic reasons a marriage can be void or legally valid in the State of California:

  • Both individuals are closely blood related
  • One of either spouses is already currently married defined as a domestic partnership with someone else

Here are a few reasons many divorces can be considered invalid or in this case qualify for annulment in San Diego, CA:

  • Either spouse is currently married in a legal domestic partnership (legally married)
  • Either party was not of the legal age of 18 when they were married
  • Fraud, either party of the marriage registered the marriage as a direct result of fraud
  • Either party was considered to be in a “unsound mind” meaning that either party was able to understand the nature of the marriage or the obligations concerning marriage
  • Force, one of the two marrying parties were forced into marriage

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