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In any divorce case involving children, child custody can usually be a high priority for both parents of the child involved in the child custody legal process. Our attorneys at Ryan Family Law understand the legal process concerning child custody hearings and procedures. It is our job to properly inform our clients on child custody laws and how they pertain to the individuals in the case. We are here to fight for our clients’ interest in every San Diego child custody case.

In a typical child custody legal battle, the court will rule in favor of the best interests of the child or children involved in each child custody case. The court will rule based on the quality of life of the child based on many facts concerning both parents. In many divorce and child custody hearings a mediation between both parties conducted by a neutral party will most often take place in effort to bridge the gap between both spouses concerning all aspects of the divorce, including child custody. The role of the mediator is to suggest many solutions to help both sides come together on a mutual agreement concerning child custody issues. If the mediation attempts fail, the case will usually end up in court for a judge to rule on the matter.

It is important that each parent involved in the child custody proceedings understand the two types of child custody arrangements in the State of California so that they can decide which type of custody they want to retain concerning their child.

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Our legal team is highly experienced in dealing with child custody legal issues in San Diego on both sides of the fence. There are a couple different types of child custody in California:

  • Physical Custody
  • Legal Custody

Physical child custody is defined as the amount of time the child or children involved in the child custody arrangement a parent spends with the child or children.

Legal Child Custody is defined as the parent who has all legal decision making rights concerning many aspects of the child’s life such as education, where they live, health and day care, as well as many other tough decisions concerning the child’s well being.

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