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Child support is the ordering of periodical payments, normally paid monthly by a non-custodial divorced (or separated) parent, to support one’s minor child or children.  In the event one parent is granted sole legal or physical custody in a divorce, it is compulsory for the other parent to satisfy his or her child support obligation by making payments to the custodial parent.  When parents are awarded joint custody in a family law proceeding, their support obligations are based on earning power and the percentage of time the child spends with each child respectively.  The following are factors in determining which parent pays child support:

  • Child’s standard of living before divorce or separation;
  • Needs of the child—including health insurance, education, day care, and special needs;
  • Income and needs of the custodial parent; and
  • Paying parent’s ability to pay.

“When the judge sees my expenses, he will award less (more) than the support from the schedule.”
Or  “I’ll quit my job before I’ll pay you that kind of money.”

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