Among all the components of a divorce, battling for child custody may be the most difficult. As a result, many parents in San Diego take the wrong steps when it comes to custody, which can negatively impact their court case. Live About offers the following advice on how to avoid common mistakes and ensure your case is presented in the best possible light.

Keep your emotions in check

You’re bound to feel guilt, anger, sadness, and betrayal as a result of the dissolution of your marriage. When it comes to making major decisions about your life and the life of your child, keeping emotions in check is a must. Rely on the wisdom of your legal team, who will make decisions objectively. Also, don’t let outside opinions sway your decisions, especially when it comes to custody and visitation.

Don’t malign your ex

In the same token, keep any ill will you harbor towards your ex out of the courtroom. The court makes custody decisions based on the best interest of the child, and in most cases that entails having both parents in his or her life. Bringing up grievances you had with your former spouse and using them to show that your ex is an unfit parent is likely to backfire.

Don’t share information about your case

While you might feel like venting to friends and family about the case, it’s best that you keep the details to yourself. It’s possible that some of the information will make its way back to your ex, which can then be used to create an alternate legal strategy. Information about your case, including what type of evidence you have on hand, should be kept between you and your attorney. The same goes for social media posting. Even if you aren’t connected to your ex chances are you have some friends and family in common.