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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Brilliant Attorney and True Advocate!

I’ve been working with Paul Ryan on a difficult case for over a year and he has been a God-send. He is smart, personable, very down to earth and a fighter. I had two terrible experiences previously with different SD firms, and hiring Paul has been a welcome breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend Paul, especially for active duty military and veterans.

– Charles

Friendly And Amazing Lawyer

Mr. Ryan advice is amazing. He is a friendly and good person.

I highly recommend Mr. Ryan to anyone.

– Liz

Great Experience

I spoke with Mr. Ryan for about an hour and he was very straightforward and had an excellent plan. He spoke with me in a way where I was able to understand.

– Anonymous

Paul Is The Best Attorney In San Diego

Paul is an Excellent Attorney and did a Great job on my Divorce. Everything was handled efficiently and the cost was reasonable. I highly recommend Paul to anyone getting a divorce.

– Bill

Honest And Friendly Consultation

Although I didn’t hire Mr. Ryan as my attorney, his paralegal was prompt in answering my emails and Mr. Ryan spent a half hour talking to me on the phone. He answered my questions in a nice and friendly way. He was very personable and didn’t speak as if he was above me in any way, as some other attorneys I have dealt with have done. He was able to give me the advice I need and I didn’t end up hiring his firm because he was straightforward and honest in telling me that I really didn’t have enough to take my custody case back to court. If in the future I am in need of a family law attorney, I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring Mr. Ryan.

– Heidi

Lawyer With A Heart

I was advised by military base legal to meet with and consult Paul J. Ryan because my pending divorced was going to be very nasty and my former spouse was going to contest everything so they could not be of assistance. I did so and from our first conversation and telling him my story he treated every interaction I had with him professionally and was very knowledgeable about military and civilian law. He set me up on a broke service member, wife took everything including the dog country song payment plan and we went to war. Throughout the whole ordeal and setbacks, Paul was always cool in his demeanor and approached every situation with an open mind and supportive heart. This all took place in 2010 and I can still say I keep in contact with Paul and have referred many of my coworkers and friends requiring legal services to him. Thank you Paul for making my divorce a success and protecting me and my rights.

Very respectfully,

– Victor

Genuine And Honest

Mr. Ryan spoke to me in a way I could understand the legal points. He looked at my Post Judgment issue very thoroughly and gave me options. Mine is a case of an omitted asset which I never would have known about if not for Mr. Ryan’s help.

PLEASE! HIRE AN ATTORNEY FOR YOUR DISSOLUTION. I think Mr. Ryan is a good choice. I didn’t and now 5 years later, I’m still dealing with, (practically starting over) with what should have been done 5 years ago.

– Deb

Our Family Law Savior

We were going through a very tough time when my children’s father came back into the picture after being gone for 8 years and during that stressful time, Mr. Ryan became our rock. He was very knowledgeable in every aspect of family law and was able to educate us on what to do next. To make a long story short, Mr. Ryan led us in the right direction, fought for us in court, and helped put a very stressful situation to rest. A very sincere thank you to Mr. Paul Ryan, from our family to yours!

– Lauren

Great Lawyer

Paul was an excellent lawyer that was very knowledgeable, did a great job preparing me for the process and the day in court. Was on top of everything on that day in court, and did a laudable job of representing me. He and his staff could be a little difficult to get a hold of, but once in contact did a great job of answering all my questions and reassuring me through a difficult custody situation. I would seek his counsel and representation again should I need it.

– Aaron

Excellent Attorney

I screened and called about a dozen attorneys before deciding that I would have Paul help represent me during the course of my child custody case. This was not a decision that I made lightly, as there is little else I cherish on this Earth as much as my child. It was a very dark and uncertain time in my life, but Paul did an excellent job of making me feel like I had someone truly concerned with representing and fighting for me. As a result, I am able to spend even more time with my child; which is really all I wanted.

I would like to also acknowledge the hard work that all of the staff under Paul did; even if Paul was tied up there was always someone that I could talk to and get advice from or revisions on paperwork. Overall, for the price, time and effort I do not believe I could have found someone half as competent or dedicated to my case. If you are someone looking for real support in a custody case, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Ryan.

– James

Compassionate, Caring, and CLEVER!

Upon the initial phone call with Attorney Paul Ryan, I instantly felt relief- knowing I had FINALLY found an Attorney with seasoned experience, rare to find class, and genuine concern. The catalyst to this much needed relief and comfort during a very unpleasant divorce is his friendly, candid, and honest nature. During our first meeting, I was pleased to learn that not only did Attorney Paul Ryan meet my expectations, but he SUCCEEDED my expectations in countless ways. Throughout some very contentious matters, he has been a supportive counselor, encouraging attorney, a ferocious advocate and a top of the line expert. Additionally, he has a great sense of humor which makes the much-needed smile and laugh very appreciated! He took his time to explain everything to me. I never felt as though he rushed through our meetings or my case and we thoroughly discussed my options. He gave me his legal opinions on my case whether they were good or bad for me – and not just what I wanted to hear or what his “wallet” would enjoy hearing. Please save your time, money, and efforts in searching for the BEST attorney in SD, as his name is easy to remember: Paul Ryan. Pretty Remarkable! Thank you for dedicating your valuable time to reading – what I hope is helpful- feedback from a gracious client of Attorney Paul Ryan.

– Amanda

Outstanding Attorney

  • I recommend Paul Ryan
  • I hired Paul 2 years ago
  • Paul handled my divorce
  • I have previously worked with 2 Attorneys

Paul took on my case almost two years ago. I never had any issues with his communication. The only reason I could not reach him would be if he was in court (No calls allowed). He promptly returned my phone calls and put me at easy in a very tense situation. Paul is a great attorney deserving of my highest recommendation!


– Bryan

Highly Recommend

Paul Ryan handled our multiple state custody case. Paul was always honest, upfront, and gave advice that was in the best interest of our situation. We were kept informed at all times and advised of all possible outcomes. Paul kept our appearances to a minimum, which for us was very appreciated as we were flying six hours to appear. We also had the pleasure of working with Jenna Hacket who assisted Paul in our case. She was a wonderful asset. The entire staff was professional, courteous and understanding. I would readily turn to Paul for future legal needs.

– Mary

Wonderful Lawyer

Mr. Ryan was a wonderful lawyer. I could not have asked for a better one. Not only was he knowledgeable and keep me well informed. He also kept me from becoming an angry bitter crazy person. As my Divorces dragged on because of my ex-husband’s unwillingness to negotiate, Mr. Ryan would talk me down as I became angry and cried for blood.
He did get me a good deal add that to keeping me sane makes him the best in my opinion.

– Melissa Meyer

Paul J. Ryan Is Outstanding. A Consummate Professional.

Paul Ryan recently helped with a difficult out of state case. I am currently going through a highly contested divorce involving child custody in WA state. I had filed there several months ago, and the case was in progress. My estranged wife, now living in California, threw me a curve ball by filing a separate case for separation and child custody in CA. She was trying to change jurisdiction from WA state to CA in order to gain the advantage. She was attempting to avoid the divorce by filing for separation, but also gain legal jurisdiction over the child custody matter.

I needed an attorney to represent me to quickly move to quash this bogus ‘end run’ by my wife. Paul Ryan exceeded my expectations. He performed research and soon gained a full understanding of my case. He then wrote a very well-crafted motion to quash, backed up by quotations of CA rule of law and he also cited established legal precedents. Paul took timely and decisive action and he knew what he was doing. I appeared at the hearing by telephone. Paul presented my argument with skill and confidence. The judge agreed with our position and granted our motion to quash. My divorce and custody case in WA state is far from over, but Paul Ryan helped me win a very important battle in this ongoing divorce war with my wife.

I ever need help in San Diego again, I know who to call: Paul J. Ryan

– Joe

A Family Lawyer That Is Experienced And Is Highly Knowledgeable In Family Law — Mr. Paul Ryan

Mr. Ryan is very well versed in Family Law from his experience as an Active Reserve Justice Adjutant General (JAG) in the Marine Corps for 17 years. His experience is reflective on how he has professionally handled my case. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced in the field of Family Law, and I trust his judgment on how my case should proceed. He also has kept me informed and I keep him informed so that neither one of us gets “blindsided” by events. I highly recommend Mr. Ryan for anyone considering divorce, prenuptial agreements, and other matters that deal with family law. Thank you Mr. Ryan for your professional insight and experience in my legal matter.

– Scott

Superb Service

Paul is a superb attorney who provided me excellent advice and assistance during my divorce proceedings. He worked tirelessly for me and always kept me updated on all proceedings. His experience and knowledge of CA law was invaluable to my defense. He is fair in his service charges and puts his clients’ interests first. I could not more highly recommend a family law attorney than him.

– Jerry

Child Support Case/Custody

Paul gave me a plethora of information and sound advice when dealing with my child support and custody case. I was never sitting around waiting for him to contact me, or wondering what was going on with my case as he kept me informed with each step and new turn. I highly recommend Paul for any such case, and would definitely use his services again if needed.

– Patrick

Child Custody

Paul is very, very knowledgeable when dealing with Family law. He displayed a great deal of professionalism and skill while handling my case. After speaking with Paul, for the first time, I was left with a sense of comfort in his experience. (You know what you are talking about). He has a quick response time when answering all of my question, which left me with a clear understanding of how the system works. Most importantly, I like the fact that you listened to everything I was saying, and you had my families best interest at heart. I believe that, because of Paul’s experience, I was able to get the best outcome possible in this situation. I am so appreciative of you as a Lawyer and the work you have provided for me. Thank you so much. I am more than pleased with the ending result of my case, and I am glad that you represented me. Another key note, in which I am also thankful for, is his knowledge in military custody battles.

– Rickiesha Tanner

Mr. Paul Ryan’s review

I was looking for somebody to help me out with my child custody issues. Being a member of armed forces, I also had time limitations because of a very busy ship’s schedule. Mr. Ryan was very quick, responsible and trustworthy. He always kept me informed about the status of my case. When I was out to sea, Mr. Ryan postponed my hearing, and on the next one represented me by himself. I appreciate his great service and would definitely recommend him.

– Marta

I’ve been working with Paul Ryan on a difficult case for over a year and he has been a God-send. He is smart, personable, very down to earth and a fighter. I had two terrible experiences previously with different SD firms, and hiring Paul has been a welcome breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend Paul, especially for active duty military and veterans.

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