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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Knowledgeable Guidance For Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence cases are some of the most challenging family law issues that a person can face. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be afraid for your safety or the safety of your children. People who are falsely accused of domestic violence can have their reputation ruined and may lose custody of their children. No matter what side of a domestic abuse case you are on, you need trusted legal help who can protect your rights.

At Ryan Family Law, we help people in San Diego County and the San Diego metropolitan area who are facing domestic violence cases. Our founding attorney, Paul Ryan, has over two decades of family law experience, and he has represented many clients in California domestic violence matters. For your convenience, we have three offices in the San Diego area. You can talk to Mr. Ryan in a free consultation by calling 858-222-6600.

Help For Victims Of Domestic Violence

If you are facing physical or mental abuse perpetrated by your spouse or another close family member, your first priority is your well-being. Please contact law enforcement and get immediate help if you fear for the safety of yourself or your children. Once you and your family are safe, your next step is to a call an experienced lawyer who can help you get legal protection.

Mr. Ryan has helped many people who experienced abuse obtain restraining orders, also called protective orders. These orders give victims of violence the legal protection to stop all contact from their abusers and to keep the abusers far away from the victims’ home, work and children. If the abuser breaks the terms of the restraining order, they may face jail time and other grave consequences. Once a restraining order is in place, Mr. Ryan can help victims of abuse plan their next steps, including divorce or separation.

Defending Clients From Accusations Of Abuse

Accusations of domestic violence can affect the accused’s custody of their children and divorce proceedings. Because of the potential impact of these allegations, it is essential for those who are accused of abuse to act immediately. These allegations are especially difficult for members of the military. Mr. Ryan protects the rights of those who are accused of abuse, and he truly believes that everyone deserves the presumption of innocence. His experience on both sides of domestic violence cases allows him to create effective legal strategies.

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I’ve been working with Paul Ryan on a difficult case for over a year and he has been a God-send. He is smart, personable, very down to earth and a fighter. I had two terrible experiences previously with different SD firms, and hiring Paul has been a welcome breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend Paul, especially for active duty military and veterans.

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