An abusive marriage can take its toll on a person, both mentally and physically. While you might think the signs of abuse are always obvious, this isn’t true for all couples. To ensure you can get the help you need in San Diego if you suspect your spouse is abusive, WebMD offers the following advice.

Control over money

Part of being an autonomous adult is making your own decisions about money. Abusers often take this power away by controlling things like bank accounts and credit cards. He or she may also put a partner on an allowance and ask for a detailed accounting of every dollar spent. An abusive spouse might even forbid the other person from working at all, or dictate which jobs are acceptable and which aren’t.

Threats and bullying

Physical violence isn’t always a component of an abusive relationship. Some people employ threats, which can entail allusions of violence aimed at you or someone you love. They also break things in the home or punch walls, which is meant to frighten their spouse into submission. Others still employ bullying tactics. This includes harsh criticisms focused on one’s appearance, yelling, or even accusations of wrongdoing that are baseless.

Control over family time

It’s also common for abusers to isolate victims from friends and family. These behaviors reinforce the victim’s dependence on the abuser while also preventing loved ones from pressuring the person to leave. Abusers often keep track of where you go and ask an abundance of questions upon your return. He or she might also use embarrassing or harsh language in front of others to make your isolate yourself.