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How women can avoid high asset divorce errors

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June 8, 2019


How women can avoid high asset divorce errors

How women can avoid high asset divorce errors

Women in San Diego who are financially secure often choose to stay home and raise their children. Their husbands have careers and have maximized both their immediate and long-term assets. The family lives in a beautiful home in a good neighborhood. The children are happy. Their school is one of the best in the city. The wife in a marriage like this one feels fortunate. She loves her husband and children. She feels sorry for divorced women who have to worry about money and raise children alone.

This woman is sure a divorce will never happen to her. After all, her husband is kind and often says he loves her. Like a California earthquake, her husband’s announcement that he wants a divorce can arrive with no warning. The effects are devastating.

Essential steps for women to take in a divorce

Divorce is a subject that can spark fear in a woman’s heart. First, she must accept the new reality. She may not know what to do. There are people who can help. Above all, women need to act quickly and get competent legal help. Time really is money.

  • Women need to obtain excellent legal representation. The most important first step is to hire an experienced attorney in high asset divorce. Women who put off facing the reality that their husbands are leaving can end up losing a large part of the marital assets they deserve. A good attorney will explain what to expect and help women understand best practices in how to behave.
  • Women should not share information. A big mistake is when a woman continues to talk to her husband about the divorce. He can use any information she gives him against her. She must immediately stop relying on her husband for any help or advice. If her car breaks down, she should call the repair shop herself. Until the divorce is final, the woman can use the family’s money for legitimate purposes. She can also use the money to retain legal help.
  • A woman should let her husband know that all communications about the divorce must now go through her attorney. If the husband keeps asking her questions and appears friendly, it will be harder, but she must resist confiding in him. Her attorney will talk to the husband’s attorney. That is why she hired a good attorney; that person knows what and what not to discuss.
  • Women should not agree to any suggestions made by the husband, such as who should have custody of the children, visiting rights, spousal support issues, or any other topics. No matter how kind or polite he is, the woman should firmly state, “Please discuss this with my attorney. I have nothing to say about the matter.” She should tell her attorney everything her husband says or tries to persuade her to do, such as move out of the house.
  • No woman who is divorcing should discuss any details with her friends, family or acquaintances. If she needs to talk, she is better off seeking a professional marriage counselor who will keep everything she says confidential. Above all, she should not discuss her divorce on social media.

Although divorce is hard, a compassionate attorney will help the client understand that she has options and strong rights. Her attorney will help protect her legal interests, empower her to pursue her rights as effectively as possible, and help her navigate the unfamiliar terrain of divorce so she can emerge in a better position to create a new future.

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