One of the biggest myths about spousal abuse in San Diego is that it only takes place among poor and uneducated populations. The truth is this form of domestic violence crosses class, income and education lines. Furthermore, there are various kinds of spousal abuse an individual may be a victim of.

The Washington Post reports that domestic violence is an ecumenical crime. In simple terms, this means it occurs among all groups of people. Abusers and their victims come from various financial backgrounds, education levels, ethnicities and age groups. For example, many victims of spousal abuse are women who are well-educated and who have high-paying jobs. Additionally, abuse within marriages is not limited to physical violence. It also takes the form of emotional and verbal abuse.

In some cases, a spouse who is controlling and abusive can resort to a type of spousal abuse that may be often overlooked, which is financial abuse. There are several examples of this. One, the abuser may put his or her spouse on a strict allowance or take it away, leaving him or her in a financially dependent state. Two, an abuser may harass his or her spouse on the job, which leads to the spouse’s termination. Another example involves getting credit cards in a spouse’s name, maxing them out and failing to make the payments. Of course, this ruins the spouse’s credit. As a result, it makes it difficult for him or her to re-establish credit and to build a new life post-divorce.

A divorce is never easy. Divorcing an abusive spouse is even more challenging because it requires thoughtful planning to ensure the safety and protection of the abused spouse, according to Forbes.