During the holidays, many California parents want to spend every moment with their children. After a divorce, though, parents typically have to co-parent during the holiday season. With cooperation and communication, many families can find a holiday arrangement that works for everyone.

It is a good idea to discuss holiday co-parenting in advance. LiveAbout.com says people might want to look at their parenting plan to understand the holiday schedule they put together. If people realize this schedule needs modifying, it is a good idea for them to speak to their ex-spouse and clearly explain the situation. Many parents may want to discuss their holiday arrangements with their children. However, it may be best if parents make this decision themselves, especially when their kids are young.

Many parents may want to spend the entire holiday with their children. According to Divorce magazine, it is a good idea to put the kids first. While both parents may want to see the kids on Christmas Day, it may be difficult to shuttle the kids from house to house. Instead of planning several different celebrations, parents may want to divvy up the holiday to make things easier for the children. If ex-spouses live near each other, they may decide that one of them will have the kids on Christmas Eve, while the other will have the kids on Christmas Day.

If families exchange gifts over the holidays, it is a good idea for parents to discuss these gifts well in advance. Parents might want to decide how many presents each child will get and how much they should spend. Additionally, parents might want to collaborate on a gift list so the kids do not get duplicate presents.