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Madera mother killed while protecting her kids

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August 8, 2020


Madera mother killed while protecting her kids


Those people in San Diego County who have never had to deal with the issue of domestic violence may find it difficult to understand why one experiencing such abuse would not simply walk away from the relationship. What they often fail to understand is that oftentimes domestic violence victims do indeed want to flee, yet they fear the repercussions of such an action.

It may be common knowledge to many they there are resources available to help people escape from abusive relationships, yet the concerns held by a domestic violence victim may not easily go away. Sadly, there are far too many examples where the fears felt by abuse victims proved justifiable.

Yet another example of this occurred in a recent fatal shooting in Madera. KRON4 reports that local authorities are in search of a man with a documented history of domestic violence after he killed his former partner. Reports say the man opened fire on the woman in front of her children (with some shot reportedly fired as she attempted to shield the kids from the gunfire). After the shooting, he fled the scene. Ultimately their mother’s sacrifice was successful, as neither child sustained injuries in the shooting.

In this particular case, it appears the man followed the woman to a doctor’s appointment. Some abuse victims might see this and view it as proof no place truly offers them refuge from their abusers. Yet this may not necessarily be true. By trusting in the right resources to secure protection from their abusers, domestic violence victims may be able to bar their abusers from trying to confront them through the threat of criminal charges. Family law firms may have direct knowledge (and even contacts) with representatives of such resource programs.

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