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The San Diego divorce attorneys at Ryan Family Law have combined decades of experience in divorce, military divorce, child custody & visitation, spousal support (alimony), property division and other family law issues.

Founding attorney Marine Corps Lt Col (ret.) Paul J. Ryan uses his extensive knowledge of family law to help clients resolve every issue related to their divorce or other family law dispute. In addition to his general family practice, he also assists clients with their high-asset divorce and property division cases.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorces

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorces

When a San Diego couple divorces, there are many matters that must be agreed to. Read More
Spousal Support in San Diego

Spousal Support in San Diego

We make sure our clients know what they can expect to receive or pay for spousal support. Read More
Child Custody and Visitation in San Diego

Child Custody and Visitation in San Diego

Final child custody orders will spell out the terms of all future contact, to include visitation, with your children. Read More
Child Support in San Diego

Child Support in San Diego

Once you and your spouse agree to a viable child custody agreement, child support payments are then to be calculated. Read More
Establishing Paternity in San Diego

Establishing Paternity in San Diego

It is a myth that only fathers can file a petition to establish paternity. Read More
Filing for Divorce in San Diego

Filing for Divorce in San Diego

It is essential that you hire an experienced San Diego famil law attorney who focuses solely on divorce and family law cases in San Diego. Read More

San Diego divorce attorney Paul J. Ryan is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel who has nearly three decades of legal experience. While in the Marines, he worked as the officer in charge at the Legal Assistance Office at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar. Mr. Ryan’s firsthand experience and skill set allow him to find solutions to his military family law clients’ problems.


San Francisco Bay Area Military members and spouses!

Paul helps military families with many family law issues, including:

  • Divorce filings for active- and off-duty service members and their spouses
  • Military child custody and visitation
  • Move-away and relocation
  • Military child support payments
  • Domestic violence and spousal abuse allegations
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Marine and wife - San Diego Divorce Attorneys

Experienced San Diego Divorce Lawyers

Seeing a divorce through, from beginning to end in San Diego — from filing, to settlement agreement, or a litigated judgment of dissolution — can be confusing and complicated. If your divorce is contentious, it can become expensive. Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side, whether contested or uncontested, can lessen the costs. An experienced San Diego divorce attorney can be by your side to to help protect your legal rights as you proceed through each step of the legal process. Paul Ryan and his team of San Diego divorce lawyers at Ryan Family Law have decades of experience negotiating those quarrelsome and emotional issues such as child custody and spousal support (alimony). We are sensitive to and committed to helping our clients through the complex process of filing for divorce and related family law matters that often arise during the divorce process. We will aggressively advocate for you while striving to obtain the best possible outcome in your final divorce decree. That outcome should represent an equitable division of marital property (to include complex asset division), a workable and acceptable child custody and visitation arrangement, child support order — if minor children are involved — and a spousal support order, where you can sustain or get close to your current standard of living given that one family is about to become two separate households thereon.

At Ryan Family Law with three convenient office locations in the San Diego area, we are focused on helping you and your spouse reach a divorce settlement agreement outside of the courtroom, if at all possible. If there are some contentious stumbling points involving child custody, visitation or property division, we can still avoid more costly — and public — courtroom litigation by taking advantage of alternative dispute resolution channels including negotiation and mediation. That said, should those options fail to obtain the result you want to fight for, we will competently and aggressively represent you in your family law court case. Our San Diego attorneys will often bring in forensic accountants if your spouse is hiding assets or income sources as well as other expert witnesses when needed to build the strongest possible case that will result in you obtaining a satisfactory result for your divorce case. Moreover, Ryan Family Law invests in the most advanced public records searching software in order to ensure we find all of the opposing party’s assets – known and hidden. Likewise, at Ryan Family Law, our experienced San Diego family law attorneys will be at your side every step of the way.

Woman placing wedding ring on glass tabletop - San Diego Family Law Attorneys

Divorce is also known as a ‘dissolution of marriage.’ Divorce in San Diego California is the process of legally terminating a marriage. It is interesting to know that California was the first state to implement the “no-fault divorce” concept. This means neither spouse has to accuse the other of marital misconduct. Divorcing spouses may simply cite “irreconcilable differences” when filing for divorce.

Ending a marriage can be chaotic and emotionally draining. Unfortunately, some San Diego spouses elect to file for divorce on their own, trying to save some money, but come to realize that the process is not as simple as they initially thought. If there are children, a marital home, and other assets, it is a wise choice to hire a family law attorney – who ONLY practices family law – to handle the numerous aspects of your divorce. If you expect your spouse will disagree with what you want or your desired outcome, you absolutely should hire the most skilled San Diego divorce lawyer you can afford. Hiring an experienced San Diego divorce often results in our clients recouping/offsetting their legal fees in a more favorable divorce settlement agreement than they might have on their own. Many couples seeking a San Diego divorce think the process will go smoothly only to find that their spouse contests many issues and the parties cannot seem to come to an agreement in multiple areas. To terminate your marriage legally, and hopefully, via a settlement between the parties, you are required to come to a workable and viable agreement on all matters that comprise a legal, and binding, divorce settlement agreement.

military officer with his wife at home.

Military & Federal Civil Service Divorce

We cater to residents of San Diego County, and more recently, Contra Costa County. It turns out that nearly 40% of our family law business is helping military and federal civil service employees. Marine Corp Lieutenant Colonel Paul Ryan (ret.) understands how to navigate the complexities that military and federal employee families have to navigate.

5 Tips to Protect Assets Before Marriage

Take Off Those Rose Colored Glasses

You can protect assets such as a money, your car or home before you marry. Your assets — your separate property — can remain your separate legal assets unless you “commingle” with the separate property your new spouse.

7 Tips to Protect Your Separate Assets After Marriage

It’s not too late, even after you say “I Do”

A Postnuptial Agreement can define separate property earnings and assets as well as marital earnings and assets. Steps to protect your separate property assets after marriage can still be taken.

7 Tips To Protect Your Assets When Divorce Is Imminent

Is Divorce In Your Future?

If you own valuable assets, property or a business, your divorce filing will be more challenging. Therefore swift action must be taken.

How a San Diego Divorce Lawyer Can Help

People get married expecting to share a home and grow old together. Unfortunately, some experts estimate that nearly 50 percent of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher. Many couples have children or adopt children. Many will buy a home and numerous other assets along their journey. Choosing to end a marriage through divorce is a serious decision that follows much thought and contemplation. Once the decision is made to go separate ways, more decisions necessarily follow including the division of marital property (and debt), child custody, visitation rights and spousal support.

At Ryan Family Law, we dedicate ourselves to client care and unparalleled satisfaction. Our firm represents people who are facing divorce and related family law disputes in San Diego County adjacent counties. Paul Ryan, our founding attorney, has over two decades of California family law experience and many legal organizations have recognized him for his contributions to family law. As your legal representative, he will put your needs first and create a personalized case strategy that allows you to get the best possible outcome for your family law case.

Hiring an Experienced Lawyer is Invaluable

Our San Diego family law attorneys have an ‘in the trenches’ understanding of San Diego divorce law and how we can best navigate your case through the courts. We look to minimize and eliminate issues that might bog down your case in court. We will do everything in our power to help you choose the best course of action for your specific situation. That might be to compromise on some negotiations while digging in and fighting for those goals you decide are the most important on which to prevail. When necessary, we will consult with other professionals, such as therapists and forensic accountants. Many times, a court appoints a child custody evaluator to determine what custody or visitation order is in the best interest of the child. Moreover, there is no shortage of situations where one spouse is hiding money or income. Further, outside professionals can be brought in to evaluate a professional practice or small business in order to ensure your interests are protected.

Some law firms in San Diego see divorce cases as their personal ATM machines – particularly so with high asset divorces where there are significant property and assets. The attorneys at Ryan Family Law are known for affordable, compassionate and competent legal representation. Likewise, the firm’s founder, Paul Ryan finalizes all bills and routinely gives discounts of five to fifteen percent on outstanding invoices that are paid promptly. Accordingly, our goal is to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients, and their loved ones, and efficiently guiding you through the process to ensure the best use of your resources. By presenting our clients with all practical and legal options, your divorce will be less stressful.

When you decide to file for divorce in San Diego, find out what San Diego divorce attorney Paul J. Ryan and his team can do for you.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorces

He also has kept me informed and I keep him informed so that neither one of us gets “blindsided” by events. I highly recommend Mr. Ryan for anyone considering divorce, prenuptial agreements, and other matters that deal with family law. Read More
Spousal Support in San Diego

In what is undoubtedly the worst time in your life, Mr. Ryan has the foresight and knowledge to prepare you for the battles you are about to face. Read More
Child Custody and Visitation in San Diego

Mr.Ryan advice is amazing. He is friendly and good person. I highly recommend Mr.Ryan to anyone. Read More
Child Support in San Diego

He immediately paved the way for securing my child custody rights. Mr. Ryan went above and beyond my expectations to secure my complex custody situation. Read More
Establishing Paternity in San Diego

Attorney Paul Ryan
Ryan Family Law Group
Read More
Filing for Divorce in San Diego

He was very personable and didn’t speak as if he was above me in anyway, as some other attorneys I have dealt with have done. Read More
Contested vs. Uncontested Divorces

Paul was an excellent lawyer that was very knowledgeable, did a great job preparing me for the process and the day in court. Read More
Spousal Support in San Diego

We were going through a very tough time when my children’s father came back into the picture after being gone for 8 years and during that stressful time, Mr. Ryan became our rock. Read More
Child Custody and Visitation in San Diego

Mr. Ryan is very well versed in Family Law from his experience as an Active Reserve Justice Adjutant General (JAG) in the Marine Corps for 17 years. His experience is reflective on how he has professionally handled my case. Read More

San Diego Divorce Attorneys

Getting a divorce is always stressful, more so when minor children are involved. To limit stress, and achieve the best outcome, hiring an experienced and compassionate San Diego divorce attorney will be a good first decision. If you have minor children, significant assets, or both, choosing a skilled San Diego divorce lawyer will help you achieve your goals while protecting your legal rights. If you are considering divorce and live in San Diego County, whether you and your spouse are going to court or planning an uncontested (non-litigation) dissolution, your most important action should be to hire an experienced San Diego family law attorney to represent you. Our compassionate divorce attorneys at Ryan Family Law have experience with mediation, settlements complex property division and divorce litigation. Compassionate though we are, we can be the aggressive litigators you need to protect your legal rights to obtain your goals. Contact Ryan Family Law today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

Schedule a Consultation with a San Diego Divorce Lawyer – 24/7/365

Divorce is never easy. A so-called ‘simple divorce’ will often become complex and contentious when parties cannot agree on various issues such as who will live in the marital home or if they will sell the home, how much spousal support and/or child support will be, child custody, and even custody of the family pets. The choices you and your spouse make during the divorce process will impact your life – and the lives of your loved ones, for years to come. Hiring a knowledgeable San Diego family attorney to be at your side for the entire process can be a tremendous asset to you and your divorce case. Hiring a skilled attorney almost always results in a more favorable and satisfactory outcome.

Arrange a no-cost consultation with Paul Ryan, the founder of Ryan Family Law, to discuss your legal options.

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I’ve been working with Paul Ryan on a difficult case for over a year and he has been a God-send. He is smart, personable, very down to earth and a fighter. I had two terrible experiences previously with different SD firms, and hiring Paul has been a welcome breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend Paul, especially for active duty military and veterans.

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